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The handmade Naan shaped bag filled with wonderful authentic curry goodness.
Created to give you that full Indian experience on the go, in one easy to manage package.

this Funky, eco-friendly, on-trend concept is A fully packed all-in-one taste explosion with flavors to excite every palette.

ideal for wedding receptions, garden parties, street events, hen & stag and festivals.
" I have always been a little wary of spicy food but having recently sampled the naan bag at an outdoor event, I can safely say that I’m a convert.
The food was delicious and comes in a cute bag shaped naan which is very easy to devour on the go. I had the chicken in spices and yoghurt, yum!
The caterers are very friendly and knowledgeable about their food, I am definitely going to recommend JAE and the Naan Bag to my son for his
30th birthday celebration." 

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